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Compass Fitness was developed with the belief that fitness is not the end-result; rather a launching pad to life. Our mission is to provide health and fitness solutions to power a strong body and focused mind, giving you the freedom to fill your soul with your passions.

We believe there is more to fitness than just enduring challenging workouts. Our logo, the armillary sphere, symbolizes this core belief. The three rings represent a holistic approach unifying the mind, body and spirit. The arrow signifies our desire to educate, empower and impart guidance to individuals on this journey. We are driven by the principle that everyone deserves the opportunity to positively change his or her lifestyle.

At Compass Fitness, we provide One on One, Small Group, Performance and Large Group Training with the unique convenience of bringing the gym to you! Beyond the basics of an ordinary gym experience, we are fully equipped to provide an all-inclusive fitness service no matter your location or accommodations.

We understand the significance of success for every client and willingly accept the responsibility to help create your personal roadmap. Compass Fitness invites you to begin your journey and experience healthy living reinvented.

Who We Are

Meet The Team

Will Sunner

Will is originally from State College, PA and has worked as a fitness professional since 2008. He moved to Charleston in December 2015 with his wife, Diandre, who is a local Landscape Architect. Will graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2009 with a B.S in Kinesiology – Fitness Studies. He currently holds three industry certifications including; American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer, Gray Institute Fellow of Applied Functional Science and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach.

Will is passionate about helping others feel, look and function their best. He believes that regular, intelligent and diverse training is key to long-term success. His training philosophy is rooted in the idea that what you do in the gym should compliment and make you stronger for what you love to do outside of the gym.

“We truly care about the success of everyone we have the privilege to work with. I look forward to providing our clients with the guidance, motivation and accountability needed to achieve more than ever thought possible.” – Will Sunner

Scott Woolard

Scott transplanted to the Low Country in November of 2015 from Greenville, N.C. where he had been training professionally since 2007. He graduated from East Carolina University in 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Communications, and he is currently certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Scott strongly believes in a 360-degree approach to training with the core concept that stronger is better. Building a strong mind and spirit along with a strong body will produce true transformation and long lasting success in one’s goal and life-long journey.

“I am excited to introduce you to an approach to healthy living that means more than what’s in the mirror. Embracing this struggle has provided fulfillment in every area of my life, and I encourage everyone to push past their inhibitions and redefine their personal success.” -Scott Woolard


What We Do

One on One

Our One on One program includes an extensive initial consultation, movement analysis, and nutritional counseling to provide you with an all-inclusive health and fitness solution. No matter what you would like to accomplish with your training, the One on One service provides the personalized guidance, accountability and support needed to help you reach your goals.

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Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training service is geared towards those with similar goals, medical histories and fitness capabilities. We provide a convenient and cost-effective service to those seeking a professional fitness solution. This service is limited to four participants and is fully tailored to the goals and needs of the group.

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Performance Training

Our Performance Training program is tailored to meet the demands of your specific sport or athletic activity. Each client will undergo a comprehensive evaluation needed to build a well-rounded and functional athlete. This service can be provided in a One on One setting or in a small group of up to four athletes. Team training (4+ athletes) is available upon request.

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Large Group Training

Our Large Group Training program promotes the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise. Each class offers a unique and exciting fitness experience utilizing different modalities and training approaches. This service includes a movement screen to ensure proper baseline functionality for the movements performed during each session.

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